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Transition STEM Artifacts and Resources Online is an outgrowth of analysis, research, and media from Transition STEM: A Wounded Warriors Think Tank, held July 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. TSAR Online is intended as a clearinghouse of information for the think tank learning community working to support Wounded Warriors in STEM education and careers.

TSAR resources are organized into five collections, each with a particular theme and focus:

Think Tank Artifacts: Reports, briefs, and other media products generated from the Transition STEM Think Tank.

Veterans Resources: Helpful online resources for veterans, active-duty troops, and their families.

STEM Resources: STEM education and career sources for students and educators.

Higher Education Resources: Information resources for those in higher education working to support student veterans.

Related Research: Research publications and tools relevant to combat trauma, veteran transition, and STEM education and careers.

TSAR collection development is ongoing and participatory. We encourage you to use the Contribute function on the main menu to submit links of interest, and to use the Comments and Ratings features beneath each resource to promote dialogue and add value to this information. As we continue to fine-tune and expand TSAR we welcome your perspectives, feedback, and suggestions. Please send all comments to the webmaster.